Paying Attention!


Keeping an Eye on your Financial Adviser

Is your Financial Adviser fulfilling their promise to you?

This is one of the questions that we should ask ourselves on a routine basis, especially during a “life changing event’.  We do all the upfront due diligence when we search for a (new) financial adviser.  With anything new, a new mechanic or even a new doctor, we spend alot of time on our due diligence.  We ask friends, we check out websites, we see how many likes they have…..but then it all stops, when we found our person and excited about the journey to our “Future Life”.

Should we ever stop monitoring the people we hire?

What ongoing due diligence do we do after hiring our “financial adviser”?  Do we continue to keep up with their likes?  Do we check to see if there are any new client complaints?  Are we tracking their performance against the market or by like managers, to see how they are performing compared to their peers?

How many times have we heard about clients losing their money because of their financial adviser, for whatever reasons, bad investments or even embezzlement???

We stop reviewing our adviser and we TRUST what they tell us and we TRUST that they are doing what they promised, to grow our money.  There are steps that we can take as everyday investors that will help you monitor your financial adviser and make sure they are doing everything that they initially promised.

The market is always moving, up and down based on politics, emotions, what one country is doing or what another country is not doing, there are many influences that affect markets behavior.  The more we learn, the less anxiety we have towards investing and the more we can grow in our knowledge and our financial success!

My purpose….

This blog is to help you monitor your investments and those managing your money; to learn more about our financial markets and to become comfortable with investing.  Our ability to save enough to have an enjoyable retirement with the rising costs of our day to day living can be extremely overwhelming and daunting.

Don’t let it be!  Come learn and grow with me.  I will inform and educate you about investing, wealth accumulation and everyday money management.  I will show you ways to reduce your taxes, grow your investments and live a life not financially limited!

Let’s grow and prosper together, call for your free comprehensive financial plan today!