Meet Nikki

My name is Nikki Bargas and I am a financial counselor with over 22 years in the financial services industry. I specialize in:

  • Wealth Accumulation Coaching
  • Investment Performance Analysis
  • Retirement Planning, including:
    • Long Term Care
    • Disability Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Health Insurance

I have focused most of my career in investment counseling to small business owners and helping them understand the ups and downs of the market.  In recent years I have had the pleasure to work with and educate adults and children on the need for money management and how learning about investing can open their minds up to many opportunities and experiences.

My financial education comes in a variety of platforms, from the classroom to the web and everything in between.

About the Logo

Nikki Bargas Wealth Accumulation Coach
The owl is a long-standing symbol of wisdom and the oak is a symbol of stability and growth. The oak is also a symbol of Raleigh, North Carolina, also known as “The City of Oaks”, where my business is located. It is my goal to give you the wisdom to grow and build financial stability. Please contact me to discuss how to achieve your financial success!