Taking Control!

Let’s Take Control of Your Retirement!

For the Small Business Owner!

“Are you investing in your Future Life (retirement)?”

As a small business owner, sometimes we are so focused on trying to build our business and/or our brand and not with “Investing in Our Future Life”.  When we do start to invest, after years of delay, you realize that you have lost precious time.  Investing for your future life is just as important as investing in your today!

The government has put in place many programs and incentives for small business owners to save for your future life! 

There are plans that allow you to contribute as late as when you submit your tax return for last year’s taxes, including tax extensions.  Other plans that allow you to invest as much as $51,000 per year, with an additional $5,500 if you are 55 and older.  There are even plans for one person only businesses, as well as plans that include additional employees, family and non-family employees.

Saving for retirement is a double win for YOU!

Not only can you save money to fund the kind of retirement that YOU want to live, but you can also deduct that money from your taxable income today, LOWER TAXES!

“Let’s take advantage of these opportunities, it’s crazy not to!!!!”

So if you have a side hustle where you are making a little extra money or you have been fortunate enough to have your own business, let’s start putting some of that money to work for your future, and live it how you want to!

Call me to discuss the many options available to you!


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