Helping You Achieve Financial Success

Ask Yourself

Are you running out of time trying to build your retirement nest egg?

Have you been unable to provide money management and investing skills that your children need to live financially successful in the “Real World”?

Are you a small business owner with no employee benefit options for your staff?

Are you a recent college grad in need of guidance in starting your financial journey?

The Answer

I am Nikki B, your Financial Wealth Coach!

My 22 years of professional experience and education will help you build financial wealth and success!   I have focused most of my career in investment counseling to small business owners and helping them understand the ups and downs of the financial market. In recent years, I have had the pleasure to work with and educate adults and children on the need for money management and how learning about investing will allow you to be financially independent earlier in life.

Financial Services

In addition to being a Financial Wealth Coach, I provide a variety of services, including Life, Health and Disability Insurance; Long-Term Care Consulting and Annuity Contracts, including Tax Saving Strategies.  I also offer Credit Repair and Budget Planning, contact me today for your free financial planning strategy session.

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